Kieran Butler  

28 Jan to 24 Feb

Opening night 31 Jan 2019

You're that person to someone is a dedication of love and devotion to the community that affirms I am who I am, you are who you are, and we can be the people we want to be. The title of the exhibition is taken from a quote I came across scrolling through Instagram on a day that I was feeling insecure about my identity and the work that I do. This day I needed an affirmation of who I am, my self-worth, and the value I have as a member of my communities.

"Remember what it felt like when you saw a queer person owning it, and it gave you permission to be yourself? You're that person to someone." - Juan pa

I was reminded of how my community inspires me to live in truth to myself and those around me. Sometimes it's the kind words of the person next to you that affirms your truth, that you do have value, you are powerful, you are here, you are present and you are loved.

The work for this exhibition takes the form of a magician's never-ending handkerchief and love locks. Each day a box will be unlocked and new words of affirmation will be added to the previous days. Mailbox Artspace will be turned into a port of call for those who need to be reminded you're that person to someone.

In lieu of the way a magician's trick affirms to a viewer that magic is real, words of affirmation remind the viewer that they are real.