Sean Whittaker,  New Balance/Off Balance , 2015, single channel video installation

Sean Whittaker, New Balance/Off Balance, 2015, single channel video installation

Sean Whittaker

March 8 - April 1, 2017

Opening night: Thursday March 9, 2017

I recently discovered, or rather it finally dawned on me, that my interest in and relationship to balance – as both a concept and physiological phenomena – probably stems from the fact that my star sign is Libra. As a person I am bizarrely uncoordinated, not only physically – I often lose my balance, drop things, trip over and generally manage to mess things up – but also in life generally. I can never seem to equalise the amount of work and play (more work, less play), and often run late to things, even mundane and repetitive things such as catching the train to work. That is to say my work/life balance is out of whack.

Surely this can’t be entirely blamed on my horoscope though; how can being born at a particular time of year manage to dictate my life and personality? Of course, being a Libra, I have to question this, and undoubtedly never come to a conclusion. Typical Libra.

However in an attempt to rectify that, this exhibition acts as an expanded exploration of balance in its various guises; from simple dualities – up and down, light and dark – through to complex psychological analyses – morality, aspiration, and eudemonia – and how these can and do effect my practice. Based upon the model that I must create at least one work per day, initially proposed as a means to create more frequently and perhaps more casually, it has become a metaphysical probing of my own personality and what it means to create when I should probably be doing something else.

- Sean Whittaker