Lucy Foster Crossed Hair, 2017

Lucy Foster Crossed Hair, 2017

The Confessional

Pia Johnson, Lucy Foster, Julia Powles, Gracia and Louise, Stephanie Karavasilis, Laura McPhee-Browne

1 November – 2 December 2017
Opening night: Thursday 2 November, 6-8pm

Half of a friendship necklace, a childhood medal, a wedding band, a letter sealed and never read. A confession, a secret, a gift, what lies hidden behind these everyday objects now embedded with symbolic meaning? The Confessional seeks to examine the relationship between the confession and the confessional, and how objects intimate to an individual can encompass collective resonance and memories. Situated within a series of mailboxes, the exhibition space is designed to keep communication spaces private and separate, and yet when illuminated, also makes this personal communication visible and public. Visitors will be invited to actively peer in to examine the artist’s intimate confession that will in turn lead them to confront their own secrets, fears, disappointments and longing.

Curated by Carly Richardson and Alice Dickins