Jane O'Neill
March 5th - March 28th 2015
Opening Night: Thursday March 5th 6-8pm

Study for World Series by Jane O’Neill is a set of text-based works made with blue adhesive vinyl and brown cardboard. The series forms part of an ongoing exploration into the ways that humans interact with water. Previous works, such as Archipelago and Municipal City Baths play with the evocation of water through installations related to swimming pools and islands. The Study for World Series explores the commercial realm of water-related products and experiences. Each window depicts a “world”, written in text with an accompanying water-related motif. There is a relentless absurdity to the varying worlds, accompanied by the ubiquitous visual language of splash and wave motifs. The series provides momentum for a number of narratives including our experience of water, of commerce and of the world.

Read Louis Mason's catalouge text here.