Chloe Smith,  Pimento Mori , 2018, felt, thread

Chloe Smith, Pimento Mori, 2018, felt, thread

PIMENTO MORI: Life and Desk Lunch

Chloe Smith

6 March 2018 - 7 April 2018

Opening night: Thursday 8 March 6pm-8pm

Pimento Mori: Life and Desk Lunch is an examination of the modern office lunch break. Soft sculptural pieces explore ideas of mortality, impermanence prompting such questions as: how does one punctuate time in a windowless room? Does each retirement morning-tea bring us closer to our own death? Did I really connect with Janette on that last CSO report? Perspiring cheese, a browned over banana and a tin of “retirement” tuna are presented as a tongue-in-cheek nod to the themes and motifs of 17th century vanitas paintings and the latin theory of Memento Mori, inviting the viewer to consider the office lunchroom in a newly absurd light.


Chloe Smith is a Melbourne based textiles artist. Her work explores themes of collective memory, culture, identity and fears of gluten intolerance. Her online pseudonym ‘imakesoftfood’ plays with ideas of food as art and food as a vehicle for belonging and remembering. You can find her work at