Andrew Weatherill,  Layered Fragments  (2017), tusche etching, aquatint, intaglio and relief print; with photographic lens.

Andrew Weatherill, Layered Fragments (2017), tusche etching, aquatint, intaglio and relief print; with photographic lens.


Andrew Weatherill, Bambi Johnson and Giordano Biondi

5 July – 29 July 2017
Opening night: Thursday 6 July, 6-8pm

Parallel Visions is an exhibition exploring the ephemeral nature of looking.

Through the lens of three contemporary artists’ works, the viewer’s perception of things is brought into question, re-adjusted and re-focused. Shifting points-of-view are negotiated and transient moments recognised, as the exhibition presents a continuum of conversations manifesting within the constraints of spatial experiences.

As enquiry verges from the peripheral, abstracted composites become the focus, presenting the oscillating processes of their material nature, of their fluctuation and stability. Here, soft cloud-like formations are intersected by hard architectural lines, whilst fleshy anthropomorphic forms draw a feminist eye across the unconscious body, and vague compositions floating in darkness become formations of thought and dreams.

Side-by-side, these autonomous practices reveal nuanced affinities, illuminating themes of transformation, process, and new ways looking. The vantage of the viewer, physically and psychologically, finds order, form and connections within the abstract.

Curated by Jake Treacy.

Andrew Weatherill -
Bambi Johnson -
Giordano Biondi -


Bambi Johnson,  Cookie  (2017), inkjet on rag.

Bambi Johnson, Cookie (2017), inkjet on rag.

Giordano Biondi,  Composite #6  (2017), digital print on translucent vinyl.

Giordano Biondi, Composite #6 (2017), digital print on translucent vinyl.