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Elise Sheehan

Being vs. Doing

2-27 October

There are two types of people, human beings & humans doing and I suffer from the latter. The nature of the work presented in this exhibition is an acknowledgment of an inability to just be- the outcomes of a tangible stream of consciousness urged on by material that highlights the value of the creative process demonstrating how one gets from A to B through all the moments that happen in between.

being vs doing presents the outcomes of my recent creative process, taking a phenomenological approach to methods of thinking and making. Here, the material guides the developmental process while working toward clarity or simply an effort to figure things out through. This exhibition uses a repetitive language of shapes and motifs in a range of craft based materials in an effort to discover what new things occurs when ideas are added upon, returned to and revisited. All items are evolving and in a constant state of flux with each item informing the next, and each material investigation bringing forward a new solution, direction or revelation.

The cyclical and contemplative nature of my making process allows for singular objects or ideas to be reworked in order to communicate or clarify a new idea or solution or exist in a new space or context.

Elise Sheehan is a Melbourne based maker, who works across the disciplines of jewellery, object making and installation. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) in Object based Practice from RMIT University and has a background in gold silver silversmithing, textile design and ceramics. She has exhibited in Melbourne, Germany and the Netherlands.

Elise Sheehan’s practice is comprised of repetitive actions undertaken in a range of craft based materials in an effort to discover something new. Her practice is anchored in simple shapes and forms in which the production, placement and consideration of multiple items or objects is paramount. This emphasis on the arrangement and grouping of work provides her a platform to express a range of ideas related to space, scale, succession and the dualities of internal/external space or absence/presence by creating landscapes, tableaux or scenes.