Ramona Lola Angelico,  Untitled (detail) 2018,  gouache on paper

Ramona Lola Angelico, Untitled (detail) 2018, gouache on paper



Ramona Lola Angelico

9 April 2018 - 6 May 2018

Opening night: Thursday 12 April 6pm-8pm



“All images are cultural constructs. Even photographs and maps, which are assumed to be more realistic, even objective, do not produce reality but rather, their own particular reality” [i]

Historical images frame our collective visions and interpretations of the past. A city is filled with invisible narratives, it’s identity formed by its many myths and stories. However, they are often ideological, and shaped by colonialist models of representation. The paintings exhibited in ‘Light & Truth’ are portraits taken in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s in photographic studios nearby to Mailbox Arts Space. The exhibition takes its title from the slogan of Benson & Stevenson Photographers, who operated out of Bourke St & Elizabeth St, during this time. The portraits have been reworked and delicately overpainted, playing with the theatrical nature of photographs and questioning who and what is seen and unseen. The paintings envision what remains invisible or may be omitted in the construction of history and the performance of identity.

Ramona’s practice explores the representation, trade and migration of objects and artefacts through time and across continents, questioning the way these factors contribute to, or detract from, our perceptions of the economic, cultural, spiritual, and social value of material culture. Her practice both interrogates and relies on, forms of collecting and the structures that support it. Her work encompasses an interdisciplinary approach to history and the relationship between art and archaeology, exploring intersections of the past within the present. These works often blur boundaries between truth and fiction, engaging the unconscious and esoteric, to create social cartographies that emphasize humanities inherently performative practices.

Ramona graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts in 2009, and has exhibited in artist run initiatives institutional & commercial spaces both in Australia and Internationally.



[i]  DiPaolo Loren, D & Baram, Uzi  “Between Art & Artefact: Approaches to Visual Representations in Historical Archaeology” Historical Archaeology, 2007, 41 (1): 1-5.