Esther Anatolitis

March 2 - April 2, 2016
Opening night and performance: Thursday March 3, 6pm-8pm

How can ideas for unrealised projects come back into current thinking? How is unresolved thinking reworked? How do we mark the discontinuous histories of our practice? INDEX-SYSTEM is an activity, an archive and a tool. For twenty years Esther Anatolitis has documented and critically reflected on her practice with rigour and care. INDEX-SYSTEM makes a work of that rigour, opening it to new reworkings both formal and accidental. This exhibition presents text and ephemera from INDEX-SYSTEM, inviting you to imagine the constructive disruption that recomposes your own work. The opening night performance by Esther Anatolitis will disrupt that rigour and care, reframing system as play.

Esther Anatolitis, INDEX-SYSTEM, 2016. Photo by Jake Treacy


Esther Anatolitis, INDEX-SYSTEM, 2016, Paper, text, ephemera