Incidental reminders of resplendent moments; the permanence of objects 

Curated by Hannah Presley and Debbie Pryor

03 June - 07 July, 2019

A bow for my three-year-old hair

A drawing of Kate Bush from Nathan

A guide book to the most ancient fortune telling method known

A selection of antique cigarette photos

A toothpick for preserving a long beard hair


An uncut garnet and opal found by my father

Drew badge

Enameled Glass Clip

ET Badge
ET Pez
ET Yoyo

Feathers from an ex who is now dead

Gifted rocks x 11


Gold coin purse

Gumnut beads on hairstring from my Nana

Gumby 1
Gumby 2

Ininti beans in container x 13

Ininti beans x 7

Jug with fish from nana

Keys from my dad’s motorbike

Mum’s glasses 1
Mum’s glasses 2
Mum’s glasses cleaning cloth
Mum’s glasses case

My father’s work nametag

Note from Mum

Numbers on paper

Pack of Winnie Blues

Petey’s old nametag


Post It Notes, 1994, with scribbles

Raffle tickets Blue E 37, Blue E 63, Green E 5

Red texta

Salt shaker from Germany

Silver earring from my sister

Snake vertebrae necklace

Snuggle Pot and Cuddle Pie
Swizzle stick Pimm’s 
Swizzle stick Canadian National Railways
Swizzle stick Muscle Man
Swizzle stick Angostura
Swizzle stick Bombay Sapphire
Swizzle stick Black Round 
Swizzle stick Black Round
Swizzle stick Black boxes
Swizzle stick Hula Bula
Swizzle stick Clear Little Round
Swizzle stick Clear Little Round
Swizzle stick Luwow
Swizzle stick Green Fork

Tin that once held my brother’s grommets

Tin for Band-Aids

Tin for cigarettes

TV Polaroid

Wind Up Chatter Teeth