Betra Fraval,  Merge, Portal  and  Constellation , 2017, gouache on arches paper.

Betra Fraval, Merge, Portal and Constellation, 2017, gouache on arches paper.


Cameron Hibbs, Betra Fraval, Mark Lawrence Hoffman, Melanie Irwin, Sean Meilak, Lisa Sammut, Ben Thomas, Jake Treacy
Curated by Jake Treacy

5 – 29 April 2017
Opening night: Thursday 6 April, 6-8pm 

Heavenly Daze explores the omnipresence of universal proportions and balance in art, music and architecture. Drawing upon classical thinking and philosophy of the ancients, the artists in this exhibition are assembled for their contemporary sensibility to sacred geometry, divine architecture, platonic form, and the harmony of the spheres. Channelled across the 19 vitrines of Mailbox Art Space and echoing throughout the heritage space of Pawson House, sound, sculpture and poetry synthesise the invisible and manifest the metaphysical, drawing down lofty ideas and making concrete the maxim as above, so below.

Heavenly Daze aims to initiate a new dialogue surrounding lost knowledge, and to attain arcane understanding through contemporary art making.


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