Justin Davies  

2 July 2018 - 28 July 2018

Opening Thursday July 11 6-8pm


A Gesture, a gift. A peace offering, an apology.  

A man at his wife’s funeral once told my Grandfather he bought 1000 red roses for the occasion. She had always nagged him for romance, for affection. He placed a rose in everyone’s hands as a greeting, a welcoming. He asked that they share the rose with their loved ones, or with his loved one.  

Second Hand Love Story is an ongoing collection of second-hand, found, borrowed or gifted heart shaped objects and trinkets.  

Human forms, human relationships; what builds them and what breaks them. 

Driven by a empathetic interest in vulnerability and personal insecurities, Justin's work explores raw bodies and intimate relationships through installation, text, painting, video and photography. Their work encompasses the disparity between comfort and discomfort and fluidity and stability; exploring the subversion of intimacy.  Incorporating text to expose personal, private thoughts and stories, allows us to delve into a myriad of relationships; those personal, romantic and platonic. These works provide glimpses into Justin's own experiences with love, lust and insecurity.