Lara Chamas

1 May - 25 May

Contain is a response to interviews undertaken by the artist with a trauma and torture councillor who worked on Nauru. During the councillor’s time there, they were requested to smuggle in various items- baby clothes, books, cutlery. These items are featured, alongside forbidden items unable to be smuggled in. The items share a domesticity and mundaneness with items we use daily; to think some of the items had to be smuggled in, is deeply disturbing. 

For Contain, Chamas explores the narratives and anecdotes relayed to her that speak to how the Australian government has attempted to control and contain those outside of the dominant culture, alongside her own family history of fleeing war in Lebanon and arriving in Australia.

Watch the video work, "Do you know how hard it is to mash Banana with a plastic fork? ", in conjunction with the exhibition here