Simon Mee

Curated by Jane O’Neill
September 4th – October 18th 2014                                                                                                                                                                                      Opening Night: Thursday 4th September 6-8pm                                                                                    

Simon Mee is a mid-career artist based in Toowoomba, Queensland. He has exhibited regularly throughout Australia since 1995 and is currently employed as a lecturer in drawing at the University of Southern Queensland. Mee draws fluently on a number of styles in his drawings and paintings, and is informed by a wide-ranging knowledge of art history. The artist is characteristically drawn to the absurdist elements of everyday scenarios. In the series scheduled for Mailbox, Mee employs his recognisable palette of blues, greys and whites in a series of drawings which form Alphabet Soup.

Artist Statement
I have always had a natural talent for the visual spoonerism…being unfashionably late to the conceptual party, the wrong end of the stick or the sore end of the pineapple. It seems only appropriate that throughout my preparations for the series at Mailbox I end up with an alphabet soup. This came about as I was looking at vignettes, postcards, Punch and Judy and 19th century street imagery around boxes and narrow spaces…a time when people were literally “boxed” . Via a circuitous route this series owes part of its narrative dialogue to pastiche, a narrative that is both individual and the sum of its parts- an alphabet as designed by a Victorian absinthe drinker.

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