small art

Cassie BroadJulie Burleigh, Eugene Carchesio,  Gareth Donnelly, Clementine EdwardsKenny Pittock

Curated by Danielle Hakim

7 December 2016 - 28 January 2017
Opening night Thursday 8 December, 6 - 8pm

Artists working on a small scale often intend to exhibit in a gallery space much larger than the artwork itself - the wall/space in a sense becomes a part of the work - and the context in which it is placed affects the viewer spatially because of the contrast in scale. Unlike conventional spaces that overwhelm and almost render miniatures invisible, Mailbox Art Space is made up of 18 individual gallery spaces, which are tiny in themselves. As if purpose-made to showcase small-scale work, they offer a viewing experience of focus and high visibility. The artworks in this exhibition are brought together only by two parameters: that their creators already work at a small scale and are based in Australia. Works of different styles and ideologies are brought together under the conceptual frame of small art.

Eugene Carchesio is represented by Sutton Gallery, Melbourne

Gareth Donnelly is represented by Milani Gallery, Brisbane